Karmen is devoted to offering her clients high-quality psychotherapy for treating a variety of psychological conditions. Also known as talk therapy, psychotherapy refers to a collaborative process between the psychologist and client during which the clients’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are explored, made sense of, and given meaning to, in order for the client to have a better understanding of themselves and improve their personal functioning.

For this process to be effective, Karmen believes that the therapeutic relationship between the psychologist and client is key, and therefore strives to create a warm, welcoming and non-judgemental therapeutic context in which the client can speak freely.

She offers individualized treatment to adolescents, adults, couples and families to help clients reach optimal functioning and well-being. Karmen also practices in organisational psychology, where she helps businesses in the small to corporate sector improve their performance, motivation, job satisfaction, occupational health and safety, and, the overall well-being and health of employees.

Through in-depth analysis, psychometric testing and various proven theories, Karmen makes it possible to attain effective and sustainable performance for both individuals as well as the organisation.

Psychometric Assessments

A psychological / psychometric assessment consists of a battery of tests selected based on the purpose of the assessment. Assessments aim to investigate all areas of functioning of the learner within their immediate environment.

This yields overall information regarding cognitive performance and abilities, which can be used to pinpoint areas of difficulty or areas of interest and strength. All assessments are conducted from a holistic point of view and investigate the learner’s overall cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning by gathering collateral information retrieved utilising clinical interviews, questionnaires, and behavioural observations.

This information is then used in conjunction with assessment results to provide a comprehensive global picture of the learner from which personalised recommendations are made.

Assessments and a feedback session are offered at a standard hourly rate and include a full psychometric assessment report.

Maternal Therapy

Maternal mental health refers to the ongoing emotional wellbeing and psychological functioning of a woman after becoming a mother. It is far more common to develop anxiety and/or depressive symptoms during pregnancy or after the arrival of your baby than people think.

The adjustment to motherhood is a multilayered and complex process and every woman’s experience is unique. Very often mothers are consumed by taking care of their babies, other family members and careers and they fail to think of; or there simply is not time to take proper care of themselves in the process. Our psychologists are experienced in understanding the various challenges and demands mother’s are presented with continuously.

At our practice we are passionate about supporting mothers by providing them with skills and tools to use in their journey towards thriving as a mother and not just merely surviving!